Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hello, internets

i'm just a person who makes stuff, collects toys and things, and is looking to start a shop to combine the two. right now i do a lot of knitting/crocheting of doll-sized things which are starting to build up. for this, my muse is pullip.

pf challenge 2 outtake!

another big-headed, big-eyed doll, like blythe. others i like are strawberry shortcake, vintage licca, emerald witch and jem. there would be more if i had tons of money (same with yarn). lati yellows need to get out of my head..

anyway. hats!

graham, hat and scarf

little red lucyhood

squid hat

so the plan is to get my etsy shop up and running in may. yay!

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