Sunday, May 25, 2008


i made my first sale last week! hopefully by tuesday it will be received and i'll find out that everything went perfectly. i listed a few more items today, including my first blythe hat.


too bad i don't have a blythe! i'm already working on more stuff, and adding to the etsy favorites. it's soap today. and my sister's birthday is coming up...

Monday, May 12, 2008

synesthetick: the etsy shop

the semester is finally over (thank the lord). now i can focus on knitting and furthering my obsession with etsy. seriously. at this point i have eight pages of favorite items. and so many beads and button supply shops... i guess i just like to look at shiny colorful things, because it's not like i have any intention of making jewelry. like this... what would i do with them? not sure, but i want some.

actually the more i look, the more project ideas i start to think of...

i started photographing the doll hats i have knitted up already, but it was crazy windy outside and the light indoors wasn't that great. sigh, tomorrow.. now to check the max image size allowed by etsy!