Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shop update

just some quick updates.. i've added some new hats to my shop.

the doll couture team has a new blog at dollcoutureteam.blogspot.com. (here's a screenshot of our last treasury, for anyone who missed it.)

also, if you like baked goods as much as me you may be interested in another treasury i put up today...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

dolly couture!

first of all, can i just say that i take online multitasking to the extreme. at any given time i have about four or five different tabs open. it must be a habit i developed back in the days of dialup.. while one page is loading, you have something else to look at. at this moment my tabs bar is full. (emailing, etsying, flickring, reading about nigerian email scams...) okay, it's actually past full. i was having to scroll to the side for a little while. insanity. but it makes sense with all that's going on. i'm now part of an etsy team, doll couture! there's already a cool treasury and a flickr group. i'm excited!

i did end up reshooting this hat..


way better. okay, so maybe it's obsessing but i haven't been around on etsy long enough to slack. speaking of which, i have another hat ready to go...

i did a little mini-photoshoot to try out my bootleg cardboard box lightbox setup. it's not the best, really, but workable.


more shots over at flickr. (i really like shooting my papin all the sudden.. such a cute little photogenic face. even after i tripped and dropped her on the steps the last time i took her out. klutz.)

hm.. i'm probably forgetting something but i am too excited over getting my very first treasury ever! yayyayyay

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


so i signed up with revolution money exchange (which means i can now accept it in my shop!). it seems to be an all-right deal to me, and i'm not sure why some people think it's some sort of scam. just check out the board of directors. it's not like it's a bunch of nobodies. (= and i got $25 for making a new account, yay! i'm not sure if that promotion is still going on, but you do get a bonus for everyone you refer (hence the little button below, hehe). anyway, it's good to have an alternative to paypal. no fees!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

i listed a few new things today, including some vintage my little ponies that i've been going back and forth about selling.. now i need the money. (= also a new hat, but the color in the pictures looks really off to me. think i'll reshoot those.

Friday, June 6, 2008

papin pictures!

so here's this stripey hat...

stripey elf hat?

not quite what i was going for. (i was thinking more:
graham looking out over brooklyn)

should i try to make it floppy, or leave as is? hmm..

now, another conundrum. while making the last rainbow hat, i went a little overboard with the pompom-ing...

kandajha and the giant pompom.

what to do with it? a matching human-sized hat?

Monday, June 2, 2008

new stuff

i have couple new hats made up... i really need to move beyond the hat thing a bit, but i've had so many ideas stored up all semester! with this new one, i just wanted to use one of my new buttons.

dragonfly hat

i don't know how i feel about the color combination, now that it's knit up, but who knows. maybe i'm just not girly-girl enough.

i've had a bunch of prototypes hanging around (if i want to sound all professional and business-like).


so here are some ideas of what's possibly to come! the other hat i finished looks like the long pointy stripey one there, but the yarn seems to have a little more body and doesn't flop over so easily. hmm. would that be the kind of thing someone (or somedoll) would wear just pointing up? i haven't put a tassel on yet. hmm.

in other news, i just started spinning up some wool that i've been waiting to get my hands on for a year! ahh, summer.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

things to do:

* work on this blog layout a bit. could be more interesting.

* figure out my camera settings a little better. i'm a film person, so i haven't really figured out how to get the most out of my little digital. plus it's a point and shoot, so it doesn't offer all that much control over things.

* organize my tools and supplies! i've just moved and am still only partially unpacked, so the frequent hunts for a yarn needle are cutting into my knitting time.

* knit some more!

i posted a few new things at the shop. including this...


which sold right away! my boyfriend is convinced that pompom hats are going to be very popular, hehe. i must admit, they are pretty fun.. i finished that one up while listening to the this american life episode about proms. does it show?