Sunday, June 15, 2008

dolly couture!

first of all, can i just say that i take online multitasking to the extreme. at any given time i have about four or five different tabs open. it must be a habit i developed back in the days of dialup.. while one page is loading, you have something else to look at. at this moment my tabs bar is full. (emailing, etsying, flickring, reading about nigerian email scams...) okay, it's actually past full. i was having to scroll to the side for a little while. insanity. but it makes sense with all that's going on. i'm now part of an etsy team, doll couture! there's already a cool treasury and a flickr group. i'm excited!

i did end up reshooting this hat..


way better. okay, so maybe it's obsessing but i haven't been around on etsy long enough to slack. speaking of which, i have another hat ready to go...

i did a little mini-photoshoot to try out my bootleg cardboard box lightbox setup. it's not the best, really, but workable.


more shots over at flickr. (i really like shooting my papin all the sudden.. such a cute little photogenic face. even after i tripped and dropped her on the steps the last time i took her out. klutz.)

hm.. i'm probably forgetting something but i am too excited over getting my very first treasury ever! yayyayyay

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