Friday, August 15, 2008


happy friday people! i'm getting to where i need to stock up on some supplies, and since i got back on board with mypoints i've had online coupons on the brain. it seems like the best way is to get them straight from the company's mailing list, so that you know they're valid.

first off:
michaels. i usually try to get stuff in places other than big box craft stores, but i have one nearby and sometimes i drop in when i'm running errands. they have a newsletter with coupons that you can sign up for.

a.c. moore. i like this place better than michael's.. way better yarn selection! much simpler newsletter signup process too, just enter your email and done.

jo-ann. i like that this place actually has fabric and stuff for sewing. i got my first sewing machine there!

auntie anne's. okay, totally unrelated except for the fact that i really like sugary pretzels. auntie anne's actually makes me want to spend time at the mall.

comment if you know of any others!

in other news.. i got some lovely buttons in the mail today.


i especially like the glittery star ones, can you tell?

i also listed some new things on etsy today. another buttony hat, and my first matching set for a doll and her person! i have another that's waiting until autumn.


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