Saturday, August 23, 2008

plurking, etc

happy saturday people. we're still trying to think of a nice saturday afternoon activity that doesn't actually involve spending money. we've had a netflix movie sitting here waiting for about two weeks (sweeney todd.)... thrilling, eh? in the meantime, i have finally gotten around to joining plurk. i kept hearing about it around the knitting communities (the yarnosphere?), and read up a bit. here is a comparison of plurk and twitter. i like the posting style on plurk.. "i am" or "i wonder" or "i hate" or whatever. though the timeline going to the left throws me off a bit.

if you sign up from this link, i get a star (i think?)! yay!

i did some checking up on the usps website and was able to lower shipping in my shop to canada and the uk! i also am now set up to ship to australia. it's not as scary as i used to think. (=

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