Monday, September 22, 2008

etsy links!

hello! today i thought i'd make a list of some links that that have been helpful to me since i've started etsy-ing.

poster sketch: so helpful when making a treasury! if i get an idea for one, i'll plan it out here beforehand. you can drag the pictures around to different spots until you get them just right. then, when a spot opens up, you can just copy and paste the item numbers. just don't clear your cookies until then! (here's a screencap of my last treasury, lots of colorful buttons!)

google alerts: set one up for your shop name or url to easily find out when people are blogging about you.

majaba's heart-o-matic: this makes it so much easier to keep track of your hearts, especially on your items.

google search query: search google for: *your shop name* etsy search_query

and you will find out what etsy searches you are coming up in. you can then bookmark that page and check up on it every so often.

diy photo studio: uses a box, paper, and a desk lamp. i use a variation on this set-up for some of my shots, like for this item: a holly hobbie miniature.

hope that helps someone!

as for my shop, i'm working on some human-sized knittythings, and thinking of listing some more of my button stash. thing is.. none of my other destashes have sold. i wonder if they're priced too high, or if people just don't buy destash lots all that often? hmm.

well, happy monday! off to the post office.

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kim* said...

thank it was helpful :)