Friday, October 31, 2008


first of all, happy halloween everyone!


does anyone have any cool halloween-y music suggestions? i've been listening to this mash-up album called "mashing pumpkins" that i downloaded last year.. my favorites are "bad moon werewolves (warren zevon vs. ccr)" and "snap yo specials (the specials vs. lil' jon ft. e-40 & sean paul)". hehe.

in other news.. can you guess what i bought recently?


yes, the button obsession continues. i don't know where it came from. even my mother, who loves to sew, doesn't understand my button-love. i am trying to reduce a bit though, so i managed to pick out a few that i'm willing to part with.

i noticed that, strangely enough, i had a bunch with words stamped into them. some i guess are brand names, others i'm not so sure. "mean"? anyway, i had no plans for them and figured some crafty etsy person could use them to make something cool.

and lastly...

broken buttons

i now also have a small collection of sad little broken/malformed buttons. i don't know what can be done with them. any suggestions?

Monday, October 20, 2008

happy monday.

hello peoples. voting is open for our team's halloween contest, and of course my entry is totally overshadowed by everyone else's awesomeness! i haven't even voted yet myself.. it's too hard to choose! here is lucy, as a ghost-type thing.


also, sassylassie (who has a really cool shop, by the way) got us a doll couture treasury. my aqua/pink sweater is featured (yay!), along with some other awesome stuff that i hadn't seen before. these people are really making me want a blythe...

speaking of wanting dolly stuff.. i saw this charmkins necklace in trunkofprettys' shop today and almost squealed. i had that when i was a kid! in fact i still have the little brunette one hanging around with my pullip stuff. and to complete the look, how about a human-sized dolly dress? i'm already planning a full outfit around that in my head. i need to stop. (or win the lottery...)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

halloween is coming...

today i am working on my entry our team's halloween costume contest. which is typical for me, considering it is due to be finished today. (i swear i thought there was more time!) so, knit knit knit. i guess i can say it'll be a little "avant-garde".

i don't usually look at these magazines, but i somehow got a free subscription to women's day and i have to say.. these are the coolest cupcakes ever.


i wish i could throw a party or something to have an excuse to make some fun halloween food, but the boyfriend is away until the first week of november, so.. no fun. )=

i am eagerly awaiting my first paycheck from my new job. i think there is a tiny etsy splurge in my future...

Monday, October 13, 2008

new stuffs.

i finished a new stocking cap-style dolly hat a few days ago. i was thinking halloween when i was working on it, and had intended intended to sew on some purple buttons. the thing is, i couldn't find enough among my stash in the right color...


so, i went without. what do you think? (and you know, the boyfriend is always saying, "why do you need to buy buttons? don't you have enough?" ha!) i have a pink and black one that needs some finishing, so that will be up soon. can't wait for halloween...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

blogging about blogs

today i thought i'd post about some of the blogs i read regularly, especially those about crafting, etsying, and dolls. (i'm partial to google reader..)

first is the storque, of course. here you get updates on everything going on at etsy, and you can subscribe to certain sections alone if you want.. etsy news, reviews, how-tos, etc.

there is also unofficial etsy news, which is an unaffiliated source for news only. this is great for when etsy is down, and, well.. times when they aren't keeping us abreast of everything. (=

the artisans challenge is a weekly contest for etsy sellers and other artisans to show off their goods and have readers vote for their favorite. i just entered this for the first time, so i'm hoping the knitting catergory comes up soon!

sweet figments is a blog that features cool and cute items on etsy, artist interviews, and weekly giveaways. i've found lots of great stuff here.

on the dot creations spotlights polka dotty stuff with a different theme every day, and also has giveaways! lots of fun, and i think i found a perfect christmas gift for my best friend here.. shhh, not telling. (=

then there's the delightful doll, which i've mentioned recently. here you can find updates on new doll items on etsy. lots of stuff for blythe, pullip, and latis here. i see some super-cute dresses there right now, in fact...

thimble is an awesome arts and crafts blog. knitting, sewing, cooking.. all stuff i love! also a great monthly suggested crafting soundtrack.
(speaking of cooking.. start cooking is a really good resource for novices, not that i would need such help of course, ahem...)

pluckyfluff is well-known in the knitting/spinning world for her amazing handspun yarns. really inspiring. can't wait to get a spinning wheel myself. (maybe next year, sigh..)

boogie knits is by amy of spunky eclectic. (i used her yummy neopolitan bfl roving to make this neopolitan ice cream-colored yarn.) she has tons of great free knitting patterns and blogs about knitting, spinning, and more foood.

hope you find something you like! as for me, i'm working on a couple things that should be ready to list in the shop tomorrow. ooh, mysterious...

Monday, October 6, 2008

more treasury news.

here's the screencap of our team's halloween treasury, if you missed it. such cool stuff, i would buy a bunch of it up myself if i could. (= (i actually have another treasury up right now.. i was putting some things together in poster sketch, and peeked in to see how long it would be before the treasuries opened.. and treasury west was up in three seconds! nice.)

i am now loving plurk and on it constantly. who needs blogging? (well...) now they have a contest, for how many people you can get to vote in a mini-election. you can vote over in the sidebar ----> or just go here. if i win i can start paying off my student loans! of course i'll have to put a little aside to buy stuff from etsy... i'm not sure if you have to be a plurker to put in a vote, but hey, sign up! it's fun and you'll get an election page too. (*yourname*) yes, yes, join the obsession...

in other news, i'll be updating the shop very soon! now i'm off to catch up on my podcasts.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


i managed to grab a treasury for the doll couture team a couple days ago! and a real treasury, not even treasury west. (= go look quick!

all halloween stuff! and i am working on some of my own right now.

i would just like to say, hooray for the new dolls & miniatures category! it goes live october 6th. i can't wait to have a peek at it myself.

also, i am now officially hired at my new job! i start training next week. (= yay for more yarn money!