Friday, October 31, 2008


first of all, happy halloween everyone!


does anyone have any cool halloween-y music suggestions? i've been listening to this mash-up album called "mashing pumpkins" that i downloaded last year.. my favorites are "bad moon werewolves (warren zevon vs. ccr)" and "snap yo specials (the specials vs. lil' jon ft. e-40 & sean paul)". hehe.

in other news.. can you guess what i bought recently?


yes, the button obsession continues. i don't know where it came from. even my mother, who loves to sew, doesn't understand my button-love. i am trying to reduce a bit though, so i managed to pick out a few that i'm willing to part with.

i noticed that, strangely enough, i had a bunch with words stamped into them. some i guess are brand names, others i'm not so sure. "mean"? anyway, i had no plans for them and figured some crafty etsy person could use them to make something cool.

and lastly...

broken buttons

i now also have a small collection of sad little broken/malformed buttons. i don't know what can be done with them. any suggestions?

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