Wednesday, August 5, 2009

what i've been doing...

* not enough knitting. i did just finish up a new hat for the shop though.. i'm reworking my stocking cap pattern, and came up with this nice roomy stretchy one that should be big enough for blythes!

superlong tail

my quest for blythe herself has not been going so well, however. still looking for the right one (that i can justify spending the money on right now...). i thought the prima dollies were supposed to be cheaper??

* typing up my basic pullip hat pattern.. anyone want to try it out?

* hackling! i put together a diy hackle and blended some of the tan wool/black wool/white mohair roving that i got from the sheep shed. ta da...


before, after, and yarn!


so much better. and here it is on ravelry. i would like it to become these lovely legwarmers but the gauge is slightly different. will require tinkering.

*losing knitting needles left and right. seriously, what is the deal here?

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