Thursday, January 22, 2009

new year

hello everyone! december was crazy busy for me, but now i'm back working on stuff for the shop. i just listed this little tunic made from my hand-dyed yarn...

though the big news is that i now have a spinning wheel! it's an ashford kiwi and i lurrve it. we have been spending a lot of time together...

that right there is made from some wool batts that have been waiting to be spun up since 2002. seven years almost!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009!

happy january first everyone! i am out of town right now visiting family, so the shop is on vacation until the 7th. after that, new stuff! though i am keeping on eye on cpsia news.. you have probably heard about it by now, but here is some information in a great post on the delightful doll. etsy's most recent post on the storque has all the latest updates. this law (going into effect in february) has a lot of us worried, and could potentially cost a lot of people their livelihoods.

now, what can we do about it? the handmade toy alliance has a sample letter for you to send to your congress person or senator. also, add your vote on (the final round of voting starts on the 5th. it was the number one idea in the economy category!)

so, in happier crafty news, here are some projects that i would might like to try once we fly back home.

- make a fascinator on burdastyle
- coffee sweater knitting pattern on craftleftovers
- constructing a pvc niddy noddy on doctor dirt
- matchbook book tutorial on the spotted sparrow

doesn't that make you want to go make stuff?