Monday, December 20, 2010

felty cupcakes

hello peoples. unsurprisingly, i am unprepared for christmas even at this late date. ah well, i thought i would share this little thing that i worked on until the wee hours this morning. first off, supplies... i ordered some tasty wool felt from tadaa studio felt on etsy. such lovely colors:


and fast shipping as well, so they get my recommendation!

so my best friend had her baby a bit early. their sort of "theme" for her room is pink and brown and cupcakes. soo, i put together a little "baby's first christmas ornament" kind of thing. it is far from perfect and i probably should have done a little practice one first, but it's five days from christmas right now. so, no. (sigh.)

i sketched out my cupcake shape on paper, cut it out...


and traced it onto the felt. i left a bit around the edges for stitching. in the future, i think it'll be easier to cut out the two shapes (frosting and cake) separately. i did a bit of free hand embroidery and...

last minute gift!

yay! it's sort of cute. for the back, i very very lightly sketched an "a" with pencil, and embroidered over that. (why yes, i do like chain stitch.. it's not that i haven't learned any others or anything silly like that)


i stitched the bottom parts together around the edges, then around the bottom of the frosting. i added a small bit of batting in the middle, but you could probably do a couple pieces of felt instead. stitch stitch all around, don't forget the ribbon, and done. (i just added it in as i sewed around and it seems to be holding well.) hope they like it...

Monday, November 22, 2010

hello again.

such blog silence lately! my apologies. much of my knitting time has been spent on the two new babies-to-be in my life. (not mine!) a couple new autumn-y dolly things...

pink-y autumn-y knittings
(in the shop)

stripey sweater
(not yet in the shop)

nextly, new yarns!
new yarn, waiting
closeups to come.

things will be changing for the better after the end of the year. this includes more knitting time! oh 2011...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

tiny things

holding summer

i finally got the sweet bookshelf i've been hemming and hawing over. the dolls now have a shelf in the new place! this could only mean.. time to play with miniatures!

this month's issue of craft leftovers is all about miniature crafting. so yes, this was the issue that got me to order. yay! excited about the little chair pattern.

i also love this teeny camera that embellishyourself blogged about a couple days ago. oh my god need this. love it.

also, a good idea on blythelife for making your own little dolly foods.

now just need to arrange the girls' setup... maybe snap some pictures!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

on twittering

(my new twitter background, which i made up--or colored in, really--on colourlovers.

so... yeah. i finally went ahead and joined twitter. hello hello!

maybe it was havi of the fluent self's description of it as "the twitter bar", or the fact that i've been following more and more twitter feeds through my rss reader.. it turned out to be fun! besides, with the way my schedule's been lately (and looks to be until the end of the year), 140 characters is a bit more manageable than this ol' blog thing sometimes.

in other news... working on some dolly things for fall (bit by bit). pink and black seem to be the theme.

Monday, August 23, 2010


so as it turns out, my best friend and sister are both knocked up at the same time. oh heavens. now that we know it will be a girl and boy, respectively, all baby knitting options are open!

stripey waves blanket, on ravelry

the blanket i started for my sister's last month at the beach (i don't really swim). just stripes, based on a a stitch pattern in 400 knitting stitches, (which i'm really liking, by the way.. and it was 40% off at knitpicks!). the other stuff is still in planning mode. under consideration:

* baby surprise jacket, of course! handspun for it in the works soon. this may be a little overambitious of me.

* the chicken viking hat, which i've been wanting to make forever

* baby tart, which i kind of want to make for myself

* sheldon the turtle, for my sister's little one.

* offset wraplan, a very cute asymmetrical sweater.

* boheme, a lovely girly lacy top. unfortunately, the pattern seems to be down for the time being.

and of course i am open to suggestions! this whole baby-knitting this is a bit new to me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

dolly blogs

some doll-related blogs that i subscribe to...

we play with dolls: read and be updated on blythe, pullip, and bjd news. also tutorials on customization and such. and this is how i discovered pika and mika. sigh!

latidah: companion blog for the latidah flickr group for lati yellows. not updated very often, but love seeing lati pictures!

feltland: a bilingual personal blog with awesome photos of miniatures. lots of dollies as well!

requiemart, of course: great photos, tutorials, reviews and more.

there have to be more out there... recommendations, anyone?

Monday, June 14, 2010


i've been thinking about my knitting projects to be. the thing is, i need to start things in a more organized manner. at this moment i have 14 unfinished objects amongst my ravelry projects. (these are just the ones listed in ravelry. oh, there are others. plus spinning ufos...) yet the urge to cast on more is always there. my queue stands at 92. ninety-two! some things have been on the list since 2007.

so here's my idea: start at #1 and go down until i find something that i know i have the yarn in stash for. this brings us tooo.. #19, the sock with no name, by cookie a. well, sort of. i have sock yarn, yes. but i keep thinking that pattern would be so much better in a semi-solid.. moving on.

(damn so many sweaters)
(and so little solid-colored sock yarn in my stash)

okay i think i got it! #62. leyburn socks. love the little sort-of slipped stitch pops of color. i have it narrowed down to two: araucania ranco multy in color 309 (in my rav stash) or my hand-dyed knitpicks bare (rav). thoughts, anyone? i have time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

what i've been into lately...


1. flattr 2. my new leggings 3. pullip knitting 4. altador cup 5. little twin stars re-ment 6. farmville 7. the golden girls 8. souzoucreations 9. treasury east on etsy

now my true nerdiness will show...

1) lee of leethal wrote a super-awesome post about this recently, and i really hope it catches on! this would be great for people who offer free patterns and tutorials. i think i need to request an invite right now.

2) my lovely legwarmers, pattern by tiny owl knits. love love love her patterns. also loving my diy hackle, but i need another table clamp for it. why are these so hard to come by?

3) dolly knitting again! i'm finally getting back into the swing of things. working on a little summer top right now. also working on putting my hat pattern up on ravelry (still...).

4) yeahhh.... neopets. it's altador cup time! lost desert, baby! come on, i can't be the only one...

5) little twin stars are my absolute favorite sanrio characters. thus, this re-ment set must be had. i finally tracked down a couple places that have it for preorder. yes!

6) so yeah, farmville too. i know i'm not the only one on this one. (anyone wanna be neighbors?)

7) the golden girls is one of my favorite shows of all time, ever. (rue... ): ) i've always thought that my best friend and i got along so well because i 'm a cross between dorothy and sophia and she's a cross between rose and blanche. now you can see every episode on youtube! i miss when they had the fancy cook.

8)souzoucreations's little bunny and kitty rings. ohhh want. they are all in smaller sizes, though... i may have to give in and do some stretching.

9) treasury east! digging it. i kind of wish they would keep the old treasuries as well.. there was a certain excitement in snagging one. ah well. i have a doll couture spring collection up and thinking on one for summer too.

phew. all linked out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my first pullip

i first got into pullips sometime around when paja was released (sigh..), and my first was lucy.
lucy in her new bonnet
she's a chicca that i adopted from someone on ebay; her name came with her. of course the most obvious thing to do was start knitting for her. (and get her some friends, of course..)
to me, she's sort of shy and child-like.. and loves bright colors, naturally. she has a cousin named kandajha, who you may have seen around here previously. lucy has been with me almost five years now, i believe! she's done pretty well, aside from one temporary loss of her left hand. a few days ago i noticed her first signs of aging:
awful yellow streaks. ): my mr. clean eraser has been no help. crap. looks like this is going to require more intensive treatment. from what i've heard, blythe people use whitening toothpaste for this sort of thing. a success story to follow, i hope!

Friday, February 26, 2010

oh hello 2010.

there have been all kinds of new things going on. in december i started a new job, and in january we moved! (still settling in, actually...) i've been working on my backlog of photos to share. one of my main projects is my little studio area in the corner of the bedroom. i picked up a fairly nice wooden chair at the sally, painted butter yellow. however, the grey-ish vinyl seat cover left something to be desired..
chairy has now been reupholstered, no pictures yet though. it wasn't until afterward that i realized i made no effort to match chair and table and they look odd together. sigh.
i also got my free etsy moo cards in! they really are nice-looking, i really like the full photo back.
(apparently i take a lot of papin pictures...) so, now to focus on the shop again so i can start sending them to people!