Monday, June 14, 2010


i've been thinking about my knitting projects to be. the thing is, i need to start things in a more organized manner. at this moment i have 14 unfinished objects amongst my ravelry projects. (these are just the ones listed in ravelry. oh, there are others. plus spinning ufos...) yet the urge to cast on more is always there. my queue stands at 92. ninety-two! some things have been on the list since 2007.

so here's my idea: start at #1 and go down until i find something that i know i have the yarn in stash for. this brings us tooo.. #19, the sock with no name, by cookie a. well, sort of. i have sock yarn, yes. but i keep thinking that pattern would be so much better in a semi-solid.. moving on.

(damn so many sweaters)
(and so little solid-colored sock yarn in my stash)

okay i think i got it! #62. leyburn socks. love the little sort-of slipped stitch pops of color. i have it narrowed down to two: araucania ranco multy in color 309 (in my rav stash) or my hand-dyed knitpicks bare (rav). thoughts, anyone? i have time.

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