Monday, August 23, 2010


so as it turns out, my best friend and sister are both knocked up at the same time. oh heavens. now that we know it will be a girl and boy, respectively, all baby knitting options are open!

stripey waves blanket, on ravelry

the blanket i started for my sister's last month at the beach (i don't really swim). just stripes, based on a a stitch pattern in 400 knitting stitches, (which i'm really liking, by the way.. and it was 40% off at knitpicks!). the other stuff is still in planning mode. under consideration:

* baby surprise jacket, of course! handspun for it in the works soon. this may be a little overambitious of me.

* the chicken viking hat, which i've been wanting to make forever

* baby tart, which i kind of want to make for myself

* sheldon the turtle, for my sister's little one.

* offset wraplan, a very cute asymmetrical sweater.

* boheme, a lovely girly lacy top. unfortunately, the pattern seems to be down for the time being.

and of course i am open to suggestions! this whole baby-knitting this is a bit new to me.

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