Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the kitties

hey. so, remember the kitten i talked about last time? here she is!


her name is daphne, and she needed her eye removed. aside from that, she is totally healthy and a lunatic, as you can see. here she is tussling with the kitty wonton i made for her older brother.


rufus! have to be fair and all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


hey peoples.. i had wanted to post another knitting pattern that i'm working on for so-called "pullip week" but i'm just not happy with it yet. also (you may already know if we are twitter friends.. wanna be twitter friends?), we have unexpectedly taken in a homeless kitty who needed surgery. soo, things have been slightly more hectic than usual.

as consolation, have a peek at some of my favorite dolly pics on my doll pinterest board! please suggest more if you have them. (:

and of course, kitten pics to follow.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pullip week!

so i have decided it's going to be pullip week, around here anyway. to start off, i'll continue with my profile series-of-sorts (which i started in may 2010.. oops) with my rovam, graham!

graham, blue hat

..who i have apparently not photographed as much as i thought. poor graham. i first found out about pullips right around the time that rovam was announced, and i knew she was the one. (erm, one of several apparently.. paja would have been my second choice. sadly, that did not happen and i still have yet to find a paja of my own. sigh!) lucy, my chicca came first as i found a good price on the "pre-loved" market. but, i am lucky enough to have a fantastic boyfriend who knew i wanted a rovam and surprised me with her for christmas!


graham has always seemed to be quite the tomboy to me. she wears a lot of brown and black & white stripes, but is willing to humor me with some girly-ish outfits for photos from time to time.

anyway, rovam is awesome and i'm glad i got hold of her before she shot up in price. graham definitely needs to go out for some pictures of her own very soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

savers round-up

yes, another savers trip.. so my intentions were to pick up a replacement lid for my dyeing crockpot (which i did not find). somehow i ended up coming home with...


* another stitch by stitch book! i think i need to collect all of these. so much fiber-y fabulousness, especially considering they were put out in the 80s. (we all know the golden age of the craft book was the 1970s.)

* a cheap frame for me to paint red for the awesome print that the boy got me from craftland.

* and a munny! complete with box and accessories. he has a big scuff on his head, but all the more reason to give him a new paint job. (like i need more projects?) and he was $3.99!

well. anyone know where i can find a crockpot lid?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a new friend

have you met growing sally?

i've actually had her for some time, but have never really photographed her. she was made by remco in the 60s. i just have her dress, no wig, but i like her this way.

growing sally

(the vintage toy encyclopedia)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

recipe roundup

i seem to collect recipes. (i have a bookmarks folder.. with subfolders. yes.) some stuff we will be trying soon:


canterbury potato leek soup. the boy is a big fan of leeks (of all things), so i will have to give this a try.

pesto bucati with chicken and artichokes. i would put pesto on anything. almost.

mattar paneer. so tasty, but i might sub for tofu.

cool chinese vermicelli. i've never made a cold pasta dish before, and this sounds interesting...

israeli moroccan couscous. we had a bunch of weird-ish canned goods passed on to us by my sister, including many cans of sweet potatoes. i've been looking for something to use them up with.

parmesan roasted potatoes. potatoes and cheese, dude. nom.

cauli-bean tacos. looks like a good way to hide vegetables. also a how-to for making tortillas. yay!

salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. mmm chickpeas.

homemade oreos. and cookies of course. (i have a bit of a problem with cookies.)

Thursday, March 31, 2011


savers is one of my favorite places ever. when i visit a new place i usually check out their savers, just to see what they have. (in fact, when i was in montreal i absolutely had to track down the village des valeurs.) some recent finds:


some cds.. tori amos's little earthquakes, which i did not have in my library for some reason. dude, i forgot how good it is. also a david sedaris cd, which will have to wait until christmas, but that's okay.

an interesting skein of mystery yarn. it's tweedy and self-striping in a noro sort of way. (anyone recognize it?)

a stitch by stitch book of crafty stuff. really cute things in this one, no photos yet.. but smocking! and sewing tutorials! (i do need sewing help.)

there was another... special find this time.


yes, we bought this. we couldn't not. yes, it may appear to be just a burned copy of an alice in chains album. but the car..? and the disc itself:


the muscle dude? fdawg? what does disc one look like? what is really on this disc? alas, as it was made in 1999 (the year i graduated high school!), it is now unreadable and the mystery will remain unsolved. sigh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

noro noro noro

so i bought yarn. it's been a while, okay? ahem.

so the main impetus was to finish this mitten project that has been hanging around for six years or so, waiting for me to find another skein of kureyon in 92. finally i discovered the problem: it has been discontinued. gah! on to plan b: buy a totally different color and stripe it.


first mitten down! i wasn't so sure i liked the way the red and green fell together, but okay. mitten number 2: ugggghh.


mud. now on third attempt. let's think of happier things, hm? like more noro:


two skeins of silk garden for a special project to be named later..


and one more skein of kureyon for, well.. i don't know, i was distracted by the pretty colors. colorrrrs... but, pattern suggestions? i like the top of this hat, but i'm open to other ideas.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

this week...

mostly full of this sort of thing.

so done with this crap.

but i did get to finish my lovely malabrigo beret in record time (undeterred by the little gray stripey menace that chewed through the yarn.. not the malabrigo, dude!). and the biggest news of all.. i am done with job #2! i am now at single-job status. it's almost strange having extra time.. but that means knitting time! there is some mini-fairisle experimentation going on right now.

in other news, please click over to see this yarn-filled heart-shaped box at craftzine. and then make one for me.