Wednesday, April 6, 2011

recipe roundup

i seem to collect recipes. (i have a bookmarks folder.. with subfolders. yes.) some stuff we will be trying soon:


canterbury potato leek soup. the boy is a big fan of leeks (of all things), so i will have to give this a try.

pesto bucati with chicken and artichokes. i would put pesto on anything. almost.

mattar paneer. so tasty, but i might sub for tofu.

cool chinese vermicelli. i've never made a cold pasta dish before, and this sounds interesting...

israeli moroccan couscous. we had a bunch of weird-ish canned goods passed on to us by my sister, including many cans of sweet potatoes. i've been looking for something to use them up with.

parmesan roasted potatoes. potatoes and cheese, dude. nom.

cauli-bean tacos. looks like a good way to hide vegetables. also a how-to for making tortillas. yay!

salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. mmm chickpeas.

homemade oreos. and cookies of course. (i have a bit of a problem with cookies.)