Friday, May 27, 2011

savers round-up

yes, another savers trip.. so my intentions were to pick up a replacement lid for my dyeing crockpot (which i did not find). somehow i ended up coming home with...


* another stitch by stitch book! i think i need to collect all of these. so much fiber-y fabulousness, especially considering they were put out in the 80s. (we all know the golden age of the craft book was the 1970s.)

* a cheap frame for me to paint red for the awesome print that the boy got me from craftland.

* and a munny! complete with box and accessories. he has a big scuff on his head, but all the more reason to give him a new paint job. (like i need more projects?) and he was $3.99!

well. anyone know where i can find a crockpot lid?

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