Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pullip week!

so i have decided it's going to be pullip week, around here anyway. to start off, i'll continue with my profile series-of-sorts (which i started in may 2010.. oops) with my rovam, graham!

graham, blue hat

..who i have apparently not photographed as much as i thought. poor graham. i first found out about pullips right around the time that rovam was announced, and i knew she was the one. (erm, one of several apparently.. paja would have been my second choice. sadly, that did not happen and i still have yet to find a paja of my own. sigh!) lucy, my chicca came first as i found a good price on the "pre-loved" market. but, i am lucky enough to have a fantastic boyfriend who knew i wanted a rovam and surprised me with her for christmas!


graham has always seemed to be quite the tomboy to me. she wears a lot of brown and black & white stripes, but is willing to humor me with some girly-ish outfits for photos from time to time.

anyway, rovam is awesome and i'm glad i got hold of her before she shot up in price. graham definitely needs to go out for some pictures of her own very soon.

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