Thursday, March 31, 2011


savers is one of my favorite places ever. when i visit a new place i usually check out their savers, just to see what they have. (in fact, when i was in montreal i absolutely had to track down the village des valeurs.) some recent finds:


some cds.. tori amos's little earthquakes, which i did not have in my library for some reason. dude, i forgot how good it is. also a david sedaris cd, which will have to wait until christmas, but that's okay.

an interesting skein of mystery yarn. it's tweedy and self-striping in a noro sort of way. (anyone recognize it?)

a stitch by stitch book of crafty stuff. really cute things in this one, no photos yet.. but smocking! and sewing tutorials! (i do need sewing help.)

there was another... special find this time.


yes, we bought this. we couldn't not. yes, it may appear to be just a burned copy of an alice in chains album. but the car..? and the disc itself:


the muscle dude? fdawg? what does disc one look like? what is really on this disc? alas, as it was made in 1999 (the year i graduated high school!), it is now unreadable and the mystery will remain unsolved. sigh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

noro noro noro

so i bought yarn. it's been a while, okay? ahem.

so the main impetus was to finish this mitten project that has been hanging around for six years or so, waiting for me to find another skein of kureyon in 92. finally i discovered the problem: it has been discontinued. gah! on to plan b: buy a totally different color and stripe it.


first mitten down! i wasn't so sure i liked the way the red and green fell together, but okay. mitten number 2: ugggghh.


mud. now on third attempt. let's think of happier things, hm? like more noro:


two skeins of silk garden for a special project to be named later..


and one more skein of kureyon for, well.. i don't know, i was distracted by the pretty colors. colorrrrs... but, pattern suggestions? i like the top of this hat, but i'm open to other ideas.