Thursday, April 19, 2012


i seem to have an issue with something you could probably call startitis.. as in, i tend to start lots of creative projects without being at all realistic about how much time i have to actually work on and finish the things. so here's my idea: a monthly focus project. i made a list (because god knows i'm good at starting lists..) of different specific types of projects that i should focus on. one per month, no other distractions. so, off to the random number generator...

and it was decided! april is sewing month. nothing else, no other new projects.

yes, it is already the 18th. no, there haven't been many. gah. so much other real-life crap stealing my time.

so the first thing: my place of work had an 80s themed office party (my favorite, yes!).


party favors!

for part of my costume, i wanted to wear a black off-the-shoulder sort of thing, with a brightly-colored tank top underneath. then i found this tutorial for a dolman tee made from an oversized men's tee. yay! i found a pretty nice soft black gap men's t-shirt for $2 at savers. perfect. a detail...


someday i'll get a dressform?

for future wearing, i think it's a little too off-the-shoulder; i'm thinking i'll do a zigzag stitch around the new neckline.

next up was the repair of a skirt that needed a seam restitched. this one had been sitting in the mend pile for literally years. like it had moved to this apartment with us, in this same ripped state. it's sort of a delicate fabric, so this was a hand-stitch job. and it is now wearable, hooray!

to celebrate, and keep with the 80s theme, i share with you my current jam. please enjoy. (that only stays up for a week or so, so i'll give you this more permanent link also.)