Saturday, January 19, 2013

the january cure

i guess a fresh start would be nice...

i've started apartment therapy's january cure, and am actually pretty much sticking with it. it's sort of a way to get your place in shape, to begin and work on projects and things you've been meaning to do around the house/apartment (and by you, i mean me). anti-procrastination!

we moved in in july. for various reasons, the place still doesn't feel quite as lived in and homey as i would like. it's a nice space and we love the neighborhood, so i really want to make the place work.. you know?

day 5 has you choose one thing from your list of projects to finish this month. i have it narrowed down to three (is that bad? they're small..). 1: the kitchen table. we have been using a small narrow bar-type table since we moved in, but we were offered a more standard-size round table and chairs. all we need to do is go get it.

january cure: kitchen

our lovely bare yet still somehow disorganized kitchen.

bonus step: i did get and hang this coat hook set, so that there will not be winter coats draped over chairs for the next few months. another thing i'd like to do at some point is finish and maybe hang that painting.. (is there a february cure for creative block?)

possible project 2: shelves for the bathroom. planning trip to ikea this weekend, hoping to aquire some lack shelves. and a new toilet scrubber, because hey, they're 99 cents.

and project 3: get knobs for our tv stand. it's actually a hand-me-down cabinet-sort of thing that we painted green (and it doesn't need touching up at all, ahem). finding hew coordinating knobs for it has been harder than i thought.

january cure: tv stand

we don't have a specific color scheme for that room to speak of, so i can't go by that. i guess i'd like something interesting, but nothing too crazy.. so indecisive!

so now that i've talked about it and shared the semi-embarrassing photos, time to get to work on things!

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