Friday, February 8, 2013


hi. i'm shana, and i have a problem with food.

well, maybe not food, so much as going out for food. well.. here's the thing. the boyfriend and i don't spend a lot of money going out. we don't go out to shows, or movies, or for drinks, or anything all that often. (and we work totally different schedules, which makes going out a little challenging!) when we do go out, we go out to eat. and we live in providence. there are a lot of options.

waiting for falafel at king kabob

we have good italian, indian, mexican, middle eastern.. sit-down places, take-out, food trucks..

pvd pudding pops at armory park

i've been trying to cut down on my "going out to eat" spending, so i do a lot of groupon, livingsocial and sort of things. (it's okay if i give you my referral, right? i don't want to be rude.) still, i'm thinking we need to cut back.

wright's dairy farm

sigh. and with so many tasty baked goods to be had...

sugarush cupcakes

but yeah. it's gotta be done.

ama's (rip)

so, this month i must stick to my guns. more cooking at home! no going over my restaurant budget on mint! i've actually been getting back to making a sort-of meal plan every week. finally trying out some of the recipes i've been pinning. (made this black bean soup; was pretty good but could use some work. and this sweet potato pizza crust was surprisingly tasty.) now for the real challenge: i sort of didn't do grocery shopping this week. i usually go on thursday, but there's a nice little blizzard on the way. in the time-honored rhode island tradition, people are swarming every supermarket in sight to stock up on bread and milk. so, no. will i be able to find something to make that's not spaghetti? only time will tell.

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