Sunday, June 2, 2013

so, the new flickr...

yeah, so i'm not so sure how i feel about this flickr redesign. really not a fan of all these huge images running into each other and taking over the screen. space, please! also annoying is the fact that they seem to be beta-testing it on all of us, with all the bugs i keep running into. sigh. maybe it just needs some getting used to... i've been there since 2006, so i'm not going to just up and run off to another site just yet. i did set up an account over at ipernity a few years ago, but i'm not nearly as active there.

buuuuut i think i could fit a lot of stuff in a terabyte.... and the coolest thing so far (for me!) is getting my old photos back that had run over the photostream limit.


my very first upload.

it's been really interesting to see all these old forgotten photos, although some of them did make me a bit melancholy (see: shana, the college years). time for a bit of weeding out, i suppose..

coney island.

maybe flickr will actually take our criticisms to heart. maybe something new and awesome will come of this. maybe one day i'll finish my degree. ahem. ah well..

(as a post script, may i point out that of my wantlist from 2008, i have at this point acquired only five of 16. boo!)

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