Sunday, November 24, 2013

the sock conflict

i'm starting to think i'm the only knitter out there in internet-land who doesn't love knitting socks.

i mean, i like sock-knitting.. but it's not a love. but i keep wanting more, somehow, like i just want to have knit them and be done. i think it may be partly (or mostly) to do with the fact that i don't really like doing the same thing twice. recipes, paintings, day jobs apparently... so i do tend to prefer fraternal socks.


and yet, here i am with twenty-two sock patterns on my ravelry queue. some, since 2007. i need to get a grip on reality. why must the call of self-striping sock yarns be so strong?

end sock one.

i've been thinking of this lately because of these. i found some lovely coffee-colored yarn on etsy to make a little something for my lovely coffee-fiend boyfriend. i had intended to start & finish them in a couple weeks before his birthday this spring. that didn't happen. fine, i thought. plenty of time for a christmas gift. right? HAHA. here we are at the end of november, with less than half of a sock. that's it.

boyfriend socks

and it's getting sort of close now, so i keep making myself work on it, even if i'd rather be knitting something else. it's not exactly fun-knitting! so much as monotonous-knitting. blehhh. did i mention he's a size 13 1/2? yeah. so i guess what i need to do is stop beating myself up. stop burning myself out on repetitive projects. knit with more handspun.


(my one exception: will never tire of knitting handspun socks. um.. if it's worsted-weight.)

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