Saturday, September 20, 2014

sweater weather

so it looks like i need to admit that it's going to be fall pretty damn soon. (i don't have to like it..) i am need of a cozy sweater. not a pullover, but something with buttons. maybe i can start doing that knitting thing again, remember that? i do have a ravelry queue a mile and a half long, after all...

i do like the levenwick (and have been wanting to make something with shelter for ages!), but it's not quite the warm & cozy thing i'm looking for.. especially with the three-quarter sleeves.

funky grandpa
a funky grandpacardigan is definitely something i need in my life. not so sure about the big open v-neck at this point though. a coordinating scarf would be in order...

but a simultane! would have to lengthen the sleeves, probably the body too, for my purposes. getting warmer though (har).

i think the one i have finally decided on is sesame, which has been in my queue since it was published in magknits in 2005. yay for stripes! now the real question is, can i finish a dk-weight sweater before spring?