Wednesday, February 24, 2016

toys of the 80s

hello hello, 2016! getting into cleaning, sorting, downsizing, and decluttering mode. i have such an 80s toy horde that i don't really need to keep. there's only so much space in one house, so why not keep just the favorites? there's only so many collections one person can have, you know?

i think the first real collection i started was strawberry shortcake. i always loved the book illustrations (see "the winter that would not end" here.. i need to get that one back from my mom's house!). at some point i started re-collecting the dolls of my youth. (cafe ole was always a fave...)

lem 'n ada

i spent a lot of time on ebay back in the day when i had some actual disposable income, seeking out cheap incorrectly-named lots of vintage dolls. i had a thing for my little pony too, but luckily still had a lot of my originals and it also seemed easier to come across ponies in secondhand shops and such. along the way, i would come across all sorts of sesame street, barbie, jem, herself the elf, etc related things. i <3 savers, have i mentioned?

at some point, i've come to appreciate the act of decluttering. a little. it hasn't come easily to me. i'll get there, little by little.

cabbage patch kids figurines

but, (like pulling teeth) i've been picking out some things that i'm cool with letting go of. this my little pony princess is up in my shop currently. take a peek!

more to come in time. and if there's any particular 80s toy line that you're interested in, let me know. there's a good chance i have something tucked away...

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