Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the knit is back

so.. i don't really watch much tv. (no superiority here - oh, you'll see) we don't have cable, though we do have netflix and a stack of series on dvd and recommendations from friends, etc. i just really have trouble sitting down and just watching something without thinking "oh god i should be washing the dishes or finishing this or that project". but this winter, i did get into... celebrity big brother.

look. if you're going to get into reality tv, there's no point unless it's trashy and over-the-top. no pretense of a higher purpose here. yes, vh1 celebreality was my shit at the time. i have been lamenting new york's absence from the airwaves for some time now. so when i found out she would be on this season...


i'll refrain from discussion of the show for the disinterested (but if you want to chat...!) and i was actually glad when it was done.. damn, this thing's on every day? with after-shows? but i realized that this sitting down for an hour on the regular did reintroduce something that's been missing in my life - knitting time! when i am doing my typical flitting about hands-on with everything thing, i wind up never really being able to make any headway on my knitting projects. so! i was finally able to finish my honeymoon shawl i started in october.

drachenschwanz shawl

apologies for the glare-y iphone photo. i really liked this pattern, and might actually knit it again in a different gauge. i also came thisclose to finishing up my handspun rainbow socks that have been lingering for a while. somehow my stitch count got out of whack on the cuffs, and they were kinda annoying to get on and off.. so i bit the bullet and frogged the top part of both to fix. hopefully they don't sit in wip status for too long.