Thursday, July 20, 2017

always keep a backup

hi people. it's been a while. life is weird.

just here trying to fix things up since photobucket decided to suddenly kill off its image hosting. if you see anything around here that looks like it should be a photo but is instead a grey box asking you to pay $$$, that's why. i'm on it.

recently i dragged out a super old and decrepit knitting project, for some reason, and have been slowly working at it. (way too many project bags just hanging out.) it's an afghan made up of intarsia panels, picturing knit-related items.

knit in whatever assortment of semi-color-coordinated crappy acrylic yarn i had available at the time. which was, incidentally, 2004. because sometimes, i knit like frozen molasses. also, i remembered i kind of don't like knitting from charts.

aaaand, i went back to school. so there's that. it's a little crazy. just a little, though.

i hang out on twitter, even though i don't talk much. forever a lurker. say hi, though.