Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014: twitter edition

some of my favorites of this past year. wtf, 2014?

(i guess i thought there'd be more food...)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


sunset, september

so this past year i met my friend's new baby, got engaged, worked with some awesome people, met my sister's new baby, spent time with some cats, saw some friends get married, ate some good food, saw some great concerts. etc.


there has been altogether not enough knitting, amongst other things. have been slowly adding some of this year's photos to my flickr stream. working on some changes in 2015. (:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

spinzilla results

so i succeeded in spinning only 725.25 yards of yarn for spinzilla week. but, that is still more yarn than i have spun in months and certainly more than i've ever done in one week. so i think i can still declare spinzilla 2014 somewhat of a success.

handspun spunky eclectic

first off was spunky eclectic's panda top in road trip. was lovely to spin, and her colorways are always tasty. (it looks a bit warmer in the photo here than in real life.) i got this braid at the massachusetts sheep & woolcraft festival in 2010, and it had been sadly languishing until now. soon to be socks!

random handspun yarn

second was another random yarn generator thing, which i always have fun with. i was not too excited about the colors it came up with (black, white, and purple), but when it was done it reminded me of a dress that's been on my modcloth wishlist...

 photo IMG_1467sm_zps64de9263.jpg

lastly (and unfinished-ly), is some traveling rhinos merino top. so soft and squishy. only got about 177 yards of it in before the time ran out. it's a sort-of light fingering weight single that will probably be a real actual shawl. i am not a shawl-wearer typically, but i've been won over by some patterns i've seen lately. this has also been hanging out since my birthday, 2010. it's like there's a four-year waiting list for my fiber stash.

so i guess i did not realize how much purple i had. purple knitting in 2015!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


so, i did it.. i signed up for spinzilla this year. i've been away from the wheel for far too long, and this is a pretty good impetus. i figure i should have some spin goals to aim for.

* definitely planning on another random yarn generator-type project.

as for possible project goals...

* 11oz bulky for the body of cathode
* 7oz dk/sport weight for tappan zee
* 3.5oz sport weight for arlen

i think this, however, may be destined to be yet another pair of socks. why do i get keep getting sucked in to handspun sock yarn?

handspun for spinzilla
pre- and post-drafting, and a single on the bobbin

go team happy fuzzy yarn!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

sweater weather

so it looks like i need to admit that it's going to be fall pretty damn soon. (i don't have to like it..) i am need of a cozy sweater. not a pullover, but something with buttons. maybe i can start doing that knitting thing again, remember that? i do have a ravelry queue a mile and a half long, after all...

i do like the levenwick (and have been wanting to make something with shelter for ages!), but it's not quite the warm & cozy thing i'm looking for.. especially with the three-quarter sleeves.

funky grandpa
a funky grandpacardigan is definitely something i need in my life. not so sure about the big open v-neck at this point though. a coordinating scarf would be in order...

but a simultane! would have to lengthen the sleeves, probably the body too, for my purposes. getting warmer though (har).

i think the one i have finally decided on is sesame, which has been in my queue since it was published in magknits in 2005. yay for stripes! now the real question is, can i finish a dk-weight sweater before spring?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

the owlish sweater

hey peeps. sorry for the radio silence. it's been a rough couple of months, shall we say? moving on.

i've started knitting again. i had some purple 2-ply handspun waiting to be a sweater for some time, so i got started on a little something inspired by the lovely owls pullover. my yarn was of a thinner gauge, so much math has been going on (ugh).

purple knitting

the body went as planned, but after finishing the first sleeve discovered that the fit was just.. off. slightly too-fitted cuff, slightly too-loose upper arm. frogging and math (more math!) are not amongst my favorite parts of knitting, but here we are. it'll be a while yet before this thing is done. it's okay, seems like it's going to be winter forever in new england.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday, November 24, 2013

the sock conflict

i'm starting to think i'm the only knitter out there in internet-land who doesn't love knitting socks.

i mean, i like sock-knitting.. but it's not a love. but i keep wanting more, somehow, like i just want to have knit them and be done. i think it may be partly (or mostly) to do with the fact that i don't really like doing the same thing twice. recipes, paintings, day jobs apparently... so i do tend to prefer fraternal socks.


and yet, here i am with twenty-two sock patterns on my ravelry queue. some, since 2007. i need to get a grip on reality. why must the call of self-striping sock yarns be so strong?

end sock one.

i've been thinking of this lately because of these. i found some lovely coffee-colored yarn on etsy to make a little something for my lovely coffee-fiend boyfriend. i had intended to start & finish them in a couple weeks before his birthday this spring. that didn't happen. fine, i thought. plenty of time for a christmas gift. right? HAHA. here we are at the end of november, with less than half of a sock. that's it.

boyfriend socks

and it's getting sort of close now, so i keep making myself work on it, even if i'd rather be knitting something else. it's not exactly fun-knitting! so much as monotonous-knitting. blehhh. did i mention he's a size 13 1/2? yeah. so i guess what i need to do is stop beating myself up. stop burning myself out on repetitive projects. knit with more handspun.


(my one exception: will never tire of knitting handspun socks. um.. if it's worsted-weight.)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

knitting in november

so much to be done.

cascade 128 in apple green

every year (every. single. year.) i say that i will start gift knitting in july. this has never happened. this year, at least, i have about half a sock going for the boyfriend (but really this is only because i was trying for his birthday earlier in the year..). though now i am feeling drawn in to all these november knit-a-longs going on. could i do it all??

there's wovember of course, where you knit with nothing but 100% wool for the entire month. this sounds excellent, but i tend to use blends and machine-washable fibers when making stuff for other people. aww.

and then there's naknitswemo, in which, much like nanowrimo, you must knit a 50,000 stitch sweater within the month of november. this i could do! i have some handspun intended for a sweater, and a pattern lined up for it. however...

there's also the indie design gift-a-long, which would be great gift knitting encouragement. but can i do that and knit a sweater at the same time, all in a month? considering we're nearly a week in, decisions must be made.

in other news, thanks to a kindly ravelry person, i have acquired the last skein of cascade 128 needed for my skoodlet (see above!). i should be able to polish that off quickly before starting november's journey, whatever it may be.