Friday, August 29, 2008


just some things i've been up to lately...


my techno tea party batt spun up! they're both finished but i haven't uploaded pictures yet. in fact they've been knit up! this stuff was so much fun to work with. (now craving some more knittydirtygirl batts..)

i also have finished my pullip cardigan. i think it turned out pretty well.

teeny cardigan

and made a coordinating scarf!

love scarves.

yarn dyeing is so much fun. and now etsy has posted this natural dyeing tutorial. so now i can't stop looking around the kitchen for things that could possibly used as dye... i wonder how long-lasting the color would be, though. i thought that natural dyes required more of a mordant than salt. i think i'll give it a try though, just for a the fun of it.

also.. been spending too much time on plurk.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

plurking, etc

happy saturday people. we're still trying to think of a nice saturday afternoon activity that doesn't actually involve spending money. we've had a netflix movie sitting here waiting for about two weeks (sweeney todd.)... thrilling, eh? in the meantime, i have finally gotten around to joining plurk. i kept hearing about it around the knitting communities (the yarnosphere?), and read up a bit. here is a comparison of plurk and twitter. i like the posting style on plurk.. "i am" or "i wonder" or "i hate" or whatever. though the timeline going to the left throws me off a bit.

if you sign up from this link, i get a star (i think?)! yay!

i did some checking up on the usps website and was able to lower shipping in my shop to canada and the uk! i also am now set up to ship to australia. it's not as scary as i used to think. (=

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i got my knittydirtygirl fiber batts on saturday! of course the package came in just as i was leaving for the weekend, so i couldn't play with them right away.

fiber batts!

i love that she uses recycled packaging too, including the fused plastic bag envelope. i've already spun up one of them (techno tea party, on ravelry).. pics soon!

pregnant mongoose fever

i updated the shop today, and added something human-sized! i don't think the color shows very well in those photos though, unfortunately. at some point i'm going to have to invest in some daylight bulbs.

Friday, August 15, 2008


happy friday people! i'm getting to where i need to stock up on some supplies, and since i got back on board with mypoints i've had online coupons on the brain. it seems like the best way is to get them straight from the company's mailing list, so that you know they're valid.

first off:
michaels. i usually try to get stuff in places other than big box craft stores, but i have one nearby and sometimes i drop in when i'm running errands. they have a newsletter with coupons that you can sign up for.

a.c. moore. i like this place better than michael's.. way better yarn selection! much simpler newsletter signup process too, just enter your email and done.

jo-ann. i like that this place actually has fabric and stuff for sewing. i got my first sewing machine there!

auntie anne's. okay, totally unrelated except for the fact that i really like sugary pretzels. auntie anne's actually makes me want to spend time at the mall.

comment if you know of any others!

in other news.. i got some lovely buttons in the mail today.


i especially like the glittery star ones, can you tell?

i also listed some new things on etsy today. another buttony hat, and my first matching set for a doll and her person! i have another that's waiting until autumn.


Friday, August 8, 2008


this week i decided to save on gas by walking to the post office. it ended up taking about 40 minutes each way, which wasn't so bad at first.. i had my ipod, and it was sort of cool and drizzly instead of horrendously hot. it reminded me of autumn, my favorite time of year. at some point i was walking with my head down, trying not to step on the snails that were hanging out all over the place. suddenly i notice a guy in a tie who has apparently just pulled over his car and gotten out, and is saying something to me and waving a copy of the watchtower. i press pause long enough to say "no thank you," and he replies, "oh, you don't speak english." ??? okay.

anyway.. all i can say is that galoshes are really not meant for that much walking all at once. ow.

in other news... i listed some new pullip/blythe legwarmers in the shop.. what do you think?

more legwarmers!

i also put up pictures of some of my other knitty stuff on flickr, if you're interested. (= i'm so sad that all my older stuff is getting pushed out of my photostream.. i guess the idea is that by the time you get to 200 photos, you've been sucked in and you're willing to fork over the cash for the pro account. i want to! i just don't have the funds right now. sigh. i can't wait until i start my new job!

i managed to get my very first treasury (not treasury west!) after the big outage. so here, the doll couture team treasury for august!


i've got season one of this american life on dvd for christmas and still haven't watched any of it. soo.. i think for the rest of my friday afternoon i am going to settle down with that and some knitting (for the shop!). happy friday, everyone.