Friday, August 8, 2008


this week i decided to save on gas by walking to the post office. it ended up taking about 40 minutes each way, which wasn't so bad at first.. i had my ipod, and it was sort of cool and drizzly instead of horrendously hot. it reminded me of autumn, my favorite time of year. at some point i was walking with my head down, trying not to step on the snails that were hanging out all over the place. suddenly i notice a guy in a tie who has apparently just pulled over his car and gotten out, and is saying something to me and waving a copy of the watchtower. i press pause long enough to say "no thank you," and he replies, "oh, you don't speak english." ??? okay.

anyway.. all i can say is that galoshes are really not meant for that much walking all at once. ow.

in other news... i listed some new pullip/blythe legwarmers in the shop.. what do you think?

more legwarmers!

i also put up pictures of some of my other knitty stuff on flickr, if you're interested. (= i'm so sad that all my older stuff is getting pushed out of my photostream.. i guess the idea is that by the time you get to 200 photos, you've been sucked in and you're willing to fork over the cash for the pro account. i want to! i just don't have the funds right now. sigh. i can't wait until i start my new job!

i managed to get my very first treasury (not treasury west!) after the big outage. so here, the doll couture team treasury for august!


i've got season one of this american life on dvd for christmas and still haven't watched any of it. soo.. i think for the rest of my friday afternoon i am going to settle down with that and some knitting (for the shop!). happy friday, everyone.

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