Sunday, September 28, 2008

new old stuff.

on my way.

my poor licca doesn't get photographed enough. she just doesn't have enough clothing that fits her. (but she does have a helmet!) the problem is that she is a reproduction vintage licca, and smaller than the modern licca/blythe body. i made a dress for her from a blythe pattern once, and it is sadly too big. it fits my type 3 pullips, but is unfortunately waytoo short to be a dress. sigh! looks like i have to make my own pattern.

i renewed some items for the first time recently. now i know more about what makes a good first photo in a listing. this one looks so much better, and now i have it set as my avatar as well. (=

rainbow headband

also, a new blog for dolly fans: the delightful doll! lots of great stuff from people who make things for dolls of all kinds. it includes updates on sellers from our very own doll couture etsy team!

enjoy the last few hours of weekend, people. i'm off to have a little dinner. (=

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