Monday, October 20, 2008

happy monday.

hello peoples. voting is open for our team's halloween contest, and of course my entry is totally overshadowed by everyone else's awesomeness! i haven't even voted yet myself.. it's too hard to choose! here is lucy, as a ghost-type thing.


also, sassylassie (who has a really cool shop, by the way) got us a doll couture treasury. my aqua/pink sweater is featured (yay!), along with some other awesome stuff that i hadn't seen before. these people are really making me want a blythe...

speaking of wanting dolly stuff.. i saw this charmkins necklace in trunkofprettys' shop today and almost squealed. i had that when i was a kid! in fact i still have the little brunette one hanging around with my pullip stuff. and to complete the look, how about a human-sized dolly dress? i'm already planning a full outfit around that in my head. i need to stop. (or win the lottery...)

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