Monday, October 6, 2008

more treasury news.

here's the screencap of our team's halloween treasury, if you missed it. such cool stuff, i would buy a bunch of it up myself if i could. (= (i actually have another treasury up right now.. i was putting some things together in poster sketch, and peeked in to see how long it would be before the treasuries opened.. and treasury west was up in three seconds! nice.)

i am now loving plurk and on it constantly. who needs blogging? (well...) now they have a contest, for how many people you can get to vote in a mini-election. you can vote over in the sidebar ----> or just go here. if i win i can start paying off my student loans! of course i'll have to put a little aside to buy stuff from etsy... i'm not sure if you have to be a plurker to put in a vote, but hey, sign up! it's fun and you'll get an election page too. (*yourname*) yes, yes, join the obsession...

in other news, i'll be updating the shop very soon! now i'm off to catch up on my podcasts.

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