Sunday, November 9, 2008

blogging about blogs, pt 2

i keep wanting to post as in plurk mode. synesthetic has: a headache. to help wind down, i will type a bit about blogs. (=

at crafty leftovers you can get a monthly subscription for a kit made up of reclaimed crafty stuff, a pattern, and a zine. you can also find tutorials, patterns, reviews... just go look, there's tons to see!

corporate free christmas has lots of ideas for gift-making instead of buying this holiday season. this was a timely find for me, since i've decided that this year is going to be handmade gifts only. there's a link to a coaster tutorial that's giving me some ideas...

brooklyntweed is another great knitblog.
it's worth reading for the beautiful photography alone. also, more patterns. (=

lastly, check out the spotted sparrow. she's an etsy seller who does gorgeous papercrafts (if that's the correct term?). her weekly tutorials are really inspiring. and that's where i found this quiz:

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

i'm not sure i agree...

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