Monday, December 1, 2008


so, i have failed at nablopomo. (see my sidebar for proof ->) maybe next year i will be better prepared. which is what i always say, i guess.. in fact, i am still making last-minute christmas knitting decisions. i always make something for my boyfriend's little brother, usually a stuffed animal. since he's getting a bit older, i thought maybe this year i would knit a hat. not a warm, practical hat (they live in the desert!) but something fun, like a costume-type thing. boyfriend immediately suggested the chicken viking hat. (and he's not even a knitter!) so there's a possibility.. here are the others i've been considering:

- brainmonster. sort of a basic winter-type hat, but boyfriend thinks he'd like it.

- ogre my ogre. he likes shrek!

- goomba hat. also definitely a super mario fan.

- kids pirate hat. i really like this one.. he could even use it on halloween!

- shark hat. basically a shark eating someone's head. really cool and silly, right up his alley!

see? it's so hard to choose. and there is only so much time left... i don't know why i waited so long this year. i have a feeling there are going to be some hardcore knitting days ahead.

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