Tuesday, June 23, 2009


so here is the stuff i mentioned in my last post. four ounces of superwash merino/tencel blend...


which i spun into this!

roses for you

(here it is in my ravelry stash.) i didn't trust my instincts and it came out thicker than i meant it to, more like sport-weight. still going to try for socks though. i'd never spun anything with tencel in it before and i have to say, it is tasty. i have to resist ordering some more. okay, so i did put in another order with susan's spinning bunny. got some alpaca/merino/silk, which i have been admiring and not spinning. this must be remedied. anyway, they are supernice there and i kind of want everything in their shop.

other spinnings: i dyed up some of my plain wool from the sheep shed, threw in some easter grass and got:


this was one of the few times the boyfriend took notice of my spinning, and said it reminded him of ecto cooler. i really can't wait to knit it up, but other things must be finished first. (sigh) here it is on ravelry!

i've also been crocheting:

purples & pinks

these are new in the shop. i like the contrasting textures.. it's hard to tell but there's some velvety, fluffy, and sparkly yarns mixed in with the plain stuff. your dollies will dig it too. (=

i also listed some more strawberry shortcakes: lem 'n ada. it's been crappy and rainy here lately, so the pictures are not great. some re-photo-ing is on the list, along with hoping for better weather.


Curtis Collectables :) said...

Those doll caps are so adorable. Your yarn is so beautiful!

Felix and Jayne said...

at first i though that was cotton candy haha...turned out beautifully!

FAPORT International said...

Very sweet dolls!! very nice caps, i like your blog:)