Tuesday, November 10, 2009

national blog postless month

hellooo poor neglected blog! finally, my work schedule is going to be way more normal, leaving me time to do things like finish up old projects and spill orange juice on my flash drive. *sigh* really, i can't wait to do some more spinning. my last completed yarn was this:
soft tissue
(on ravelry)
again, the boyfriend took notice after i was done spinning. actually said he thought it was pretty. since he's more of a word person, i asked if he could think of a name for it. he says, "intestinal lining?" what. so anyway, i'm thinking it will be a thorpe, as soon as i finish these legwarmers from my hackled yarn. too many wips around here.

also been knitting for blythie..
...who still has no name. how can this be? it was never this difficult with my pullips. i've been thinking of some nice irish names, but haven't settled on one. hmm...

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