Friday, February 26, 2010

oh hello 2010.

there have been all kinds of new things going on. in december i started a new job, and in january we moved! (still settling in, actually...) i've been working on my backlog of photos to share. one of my main projects is my little studio area in the corner of the bedroom. i picked up a fairly nice wooden chair at the sally, painted butter yellow. however, the grey-ish vinyl seat cover left something to be desired..
chairy has now been reupholstered, no pictures yet though. it wasn't until afterward that i realized i made no effort to match chair and table and they look odd together. sigh.
i also got my free etsy moo cards in! they really are nice-looking, i really like the full photo back.
(apparently i take a lot of papin pictures...) so, now to focus on the shop again so i can start sending them to people!

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