Saturday, January 5, 2013

last year

2012 review via instagram. too bad i started in april or so...

2012 in instagram

click for biggerness.

1. april, roger williams park in providence.
2. cupcakes (with easter chocolates inside).
3. daphne.
4. westminster st, providence.

5. may, lincoln woods in lincoln, ri.
6. friendly freckles.
7. massachusetts sheep & woolcraft fair.
8. july, bridge to prospect mountain in lake george, ny.

9. cannonball express.
10. just before seeing andrew bird at the met in pawtucket, ri.
11. september, sugarush cupcake.
12. winter squash at the farmers market.

13. october, my meager knitting of the year.
14. december, christmas candles.
15. flying to arizona.
16. a warmer christmas.

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