Wednesday, November 6, 2013

knitting in november

so much to be done.

cascade 128 in apple green

every year (every. single. year.) i say that i will start gift knitting in july. this has never happened. this year, at least, i have about half a sock going for the boyfriend (but really this is only because i was trying for his birthday earlier in the year..). though now i am feeling drawn in to all these november knit-a-longs going on. could i do it all??

there's wovember of course, where you knit with nothing but 100% wool for the entire month. this sounds excellent, but i tend to use blends and machine-washable fibers when making stuff for other people. aww.

and then there's naknitswemo, in which, much like nanowrimo, you must knit a 50,000 stitch sweater within the month of november. this i could do! i have some handspun intended for a sweater, and a pattern lined up for it. however...

there's also the indie design gift-a-long, which would be great gift knitting encouragement. but can i do that and knit a sweater at the same time, all in a month? considering we're nearly a week in, decisions must be made.

in other news, thanks to a kindly ravelry person, i have acquired the last skein of cascade 128 needed for my skoodlet (see above!). i should be able to polish that off quickly before starting november's journey, whatever it may be.

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