Tuesday, October 21, 2014

spinzilla results

so i succeeded in spinning only 725.25 yards of yarn for spinzilla week. but, that is still more yarn than i have spun in months and certainly more than i've ever done in one week. so i think i can still declare spinzilla 2014 somewhat of a success.

handspun spunky eclectic

first off was spunky eclectic's panda top in road trip. was lovely to spin, and her colorways are always tasty. (it looks a bit warmer in the photo here than in real life.) i got this braid at the massachusetts sheep & woolcraft festival in 2010, and it had been sadly languishing until now. soon to be socks!

random handspun yarn

second was another random yarn generator thing, which i always have fun with. i was not too excited about the colors it came up with (black, white, and purple), but when it was done it reminded me of a dress that's been on my modcloth wishlist...

 photo IMG_1467sm_zps64de9263.jpg

lastly (and unfinished-ly), is some traveling rhinos merino top. so soft and squishy. only got about 177 yards of it in before the time ran out. it's a sort-of light fingering weight single that will probably be a real actual shawl. i am not a shawl-wearer typically, but i've been won over by some patterns i've seen lately. this has also been hanging out since my birthday, 2010. it's like there's a four-year waiting list for my fiber stash.

so i guess i did not realize how much purple i had. purple knitting in 2015!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


so, i did it.. i signed up for spinzilla this year. i've been away from the wheel for far too long, and this is a pretty good impetus. i figure i should have some spin goals to aim for.

* definitely planning on another random yarn generator-type project.

as for possible project goals...

* 11oz bulky for the body of cathode
* 7oz dk/sport weight for tappan zee
* 3.5oz sport weight for arlen

i think this, however, may be destined to be yet another pair of socks. why do i get keep getting sucked in to handspun sock yarn?

handspun for spinzilla
pre- and post-drafting, and a single on the bobbin

go team happy fuzzy yarn!