Tuesday, October 20, 2015

seasons change

another summer gone, for real. it was a pretty good one.

summer wildflowers

as usual, we got to see tons of good live music. getting to newport for the folk festival without car trouble was a bonus.

music of summer 2015
(l to r: the low anthem at one providence, james taylor at the newport folk festival, string builder at burnside park, deerhoof at foo fest)

this has definitely been a year of changes and transitions. to finally have a name for something that's been wrong for years and years.. is pretty damn good, to say the least. also, we had four weddings this year among our family and friends, three in september alone.. including ours!

you you you you you
credit for framed song lyric idea to leethal!

it all went by pretty quickly.. i did some crafty-type wedding stuff, but not as much as i would have liked (but there's never too much stuff to make, right?). here's to more good changes ahead, okay? for one thing, this blog layout is sorely in need of an overhaul. thanks for dealing with the current weirdness.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

photo-a-day, week 2

a belated (partial) week 2 of leethal's photo-a-day project.





Saturday, April 25, 2015

granny squares of the 70s

recently my dad came across one of my grandmother's old crochet magazines and gave it to me. vintage knit/crochet magazines are always a favorite (70s ones especially!), so here - woman's day granny squares: the photo essay.

woman's day granny squares

already drawn in by the 70s color schemes.

crochet mosaic skirt

straight-up afghan as clothing. i don't know.

granny square vest

there is something appealing about this one though, in a hippie-ish sort of way i guess.

granny square blanket
nice folk album cover art styling.

i always love the strange kid photos.. think about the fact that this was the best shot of the session.

awkward baby blanket
crochet childrens poncho
this kid's face says it all.

crochet wall hanging

i do rather like this wall hanging. except, you know, as a blanket..

crochet blanket 1970s

gravity-defying. i have no idea what's happening here.

crochet vests

"am i gonna get beat up for wearing this?"

more photos on my tumblr, if you're up for it.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


and we're back.

i haven't been feeling much in the way of creativity this winter. likely because these past few months can be summed up pretty well by this image:

meanwhile in new england

(though actually the place in japan where this photo was taken is pretty interesting.)

anyway, i'm doing lee meredith's photo-a-day thing for april on instagram. i figured one photo per day would be simple enough, but i've lately i'm out of the house for about 12 hours on work days, so.. not so much. oy. but i will plug along. (: week one:

#leethalpad sky
day 1: #sky

leethalpad face
day 2: #face

leethalpad twist
day 3: #twist

leethalpad sweet
day 5: #sweet

some have been challenging (in a good way!).. who would have thought i would have trouble finding something for "clash"? in the past i think i would have just stopped doing it altogether if i missed one day (because if it's not going to be just right, why keep going?), but i seem to have gotten past that a bit. i'll try and catch up a bit, but here at least we have a beginning!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

new treasury: 1990s

since i'm in vintage mode lately, i put together a monochromatic 90s treasury on etsy. i forgot these were fun, dude.

1990s vintage

maybe next something spring-y? it would be nice to see some color around here, but it seems like it'll never stop snowing...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

neon lace

so i realized i have never photographed one of my favorite FOs, my neon lace socks. these started out a thrifted white merino and cashmere sweater. i unraveled the body, and was left with the sleeves.

recycled yarn

i'd heard of using sweater sleeves as sock blanks before, so i figured i'd give that a try. it turned out pretty awesome, i think. i used some of my hoard of easter egg dyes to make a super neon rainbow. one sleeve turned out to be enough for both socks. the dye didn't penetrate the knit fabric fully, which actually gave the yarn a cool sort of mottled look. so, something to be aware of if that's not what you're going for.

hand dyed rainbow yarn

i knit the socks pretty much directly from the sleeve, without winding it into a ball first.. seemed unnecessary. okay, fine, i guess i could have, but who needs an extra step between them and knitting? i did discover that the yarn is a bit delicate for socks. like a lot of store-bought sweaters, this one was made from multiple strands of loosely-plied thin yarn. it's not exactly the sturdiest construction, and certainly not machine washable (which is something i usually avoid when sock knitting).. sigh. but so rainbowy!

rainbow socks in progress

i did also have to take sections of color out here and there in the second sock, so that the color repeats would more or less match up. this did lead to more end-weaving than i like to do (what am i saying? i like to do zero.) for the pattern, i wanted something fairly simple but more interesting than just plain stockinette. i went with diagonal lace socks. just right! these really deserve a better fo portrait, but for now, enjoy some color. (:

rainbow knitting

Friday, February 13, 2015

endless winter

snow drift

round here it has been all snow, all the time. currently seeking location for hibernation. please stand by.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014: twitter edition

some of my favorites of this past year. wtf, 2014?

(i guess i thought there'd be more food...)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


sunset, september

so this past year i met my friend's new baby, got engaged, worked with some awesome people, met my sister's new baby, spent time with some cats, saw some friends get married, ate some good food, saw some great concerts. etc.


there has been altogether not enough knitting, amongst other things. have been slowly adding some of this year's photos to my flickr stream. working on some changes in 2015. (: