Saturday, April 25, 2015

granny squares of the 70s

recently my dad came across one of my grandmother's old crochet magazines and gave it to me. vintage knit/crochet magazines are always a favorite (70s ones especially!), so here - woman's day granny squares: the photo essay.

woman's day granny squares

already drawn in by the 70s color schemes.

crochet mosaic skirt

straight-up afghan as clothing. i don't know.

granny square vest

there is something appealing about this one though, in a hippie-ish sort of way i guess.

granny square blanket
nice folk album cover art styling.

i always love the strange kid photos.. think about the fact that this was the best shot of the session.

awkward baby blanket
crochet childrens poncho
this kid's face says it all.

crochet wall hanging

i do rather like this wall hanging. except, you know, as a blanket..

crochet blanket 1970s

gravity-defying. i have no idea what's happening here.

crochet vests

"am i gonna get beat up for wearing this?"

more photos on my tumblr, if you're up for it.

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