Sunday, April 12, 2015


and we're back.

i haven't been feeling much in the way of creativity this winter. likely because these past few months can be summed up pretty well by this image:

meanwhile in new england

(though actually the place in japan where this photo was taken is pretty interesting.)

anyway, i'm doing lee meredith's photo-a-day thing for april on instagram. i figured one photo per day would be simple enough, but i've lately i'm out of the house for about 12 hours on work days, so.. not so much. oy. but i will plug along. (: week one:

#leethalpad sky
day 1: #sky

leethalpad face
day 2: #face

leethalpad twist
day 3: #twist

leethalpad sweet
day 5: #sweet

some have been challenging (in a good way!).. who would have thought i would have trouble finding something for "clash"? in the past i think i would have just stopped doing it altogether if i missed one day (because if it's not going to be just right, why keep going?), but i seem to have gotten past that a bit. i'll try and catch up a bit, but here at least we have a beginning!

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